I thought I’d make note of two additional things for today, this day I leave for a wrestling trip to Turkey:

1) It’s MLK day and I think that anyone who has yet to hear the ‘I have a dream’ speech should first slap them self, twice, and then go download/purchase/borrow/find the speech and listen to/watch it. It’s not his only great speech, but what a speech it was. And while listening to it, take a moment to think about days gone by and days yet to come. It might just help some of you, you know who you are, put things in the proper perspective.

2) The inauguration of Barak Obama is tomorrow. After two score and three presidents we’re finally ready, as a country, to break from the status quo. This means a lot in terms of where we’ve come, as a nation, in recent years. The man himself is not a miracle worker, he’s no savior, and I’m sure he’s done a thing or two in his life that he’s not proud of, but what he represents is something much larger than himself. The ‘change’ he spoke of during his campaign, in my opinion, represents a breaking of the status quo, not only in the political views he says he has, but in the self image of the country.

Just some food for thought…


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