As many of you probably know, with plane tickets, hotels and transportation, travel can get expensive. To help out with some of the expenses incurred by constantly traveling around the world, I’ve been doing some fundraising. The original reason for the fundraising was to help get my parents over to Denmark so they can watch me compete in the 2009 world championships in September of that year. Everything went as well as could be expected; I was able to raise about half of the money needed for them to come watch me wrestle. Even though I didn’t walk away with a medal, it meant a lot to me that my parents were able to be there with me as I gave it my all. I thank each and every person who donated to that effort!

As of the time of this writing, I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting some new designs drawn up to continue the fundraising efforts but I have yet to settle on anything. There are a few different small companies that have expressed some interest in working with me but I haven’t had the time to sit down with them and get something ironed out. Hopefully I’ll have something fresh and new coming soon!

As for my current Dr. Greco shirt design, if you would like a shirt, they are on sale for $20. My supply is now fairly limited, but I do believe that they are still available to order off the website. If you would like to get a shirt from me directly, ask me when you see me around. You can purchase them online at while supplies last!

Thank you all for your support, without it I wouldn’t be able to continue to compete at this level!