2009 World Championships

Pictures taken on and related to the trip to Denmark

 Pytlasinski Tournament \'09

This is the tournament the world team goes to before worlds every year.

2009 Vehbi Emre Grand Prix

My adventures in Istanbul, Turkey this January. I also have some videos that \"should\" be posted as soon as I get them formatted.

2008 Henry Deglane (Nice) and Dual Meet (Paris)

This is a wrestling tournament in Nice, France that I\'ve attended a couple of times in the past few years. Its one that I really enjoy because I\'ve been able to make many friends in France.

2008 Beijing Olympics

Pictures I took while running around Beijing, China.

Athens and Greece Feb 2007

These are photos that I got from Russ Davies from the 2007 Winter Tour

Winter Tour 2007

The wrestling misadventures of 2007

Novi Sad and Belgrade Feb-March 2007

These are photos from Russ from the 2007 Winter Tour

Cristo Lutte 2007

Fun times in Paris, 2007

Winter Tour 2006

Winter Wrestling Tour 2006

Misc Wrestling Images

Wrestling photos that are mostly from my NMU days