In an attempt to get up to date with this blog, I’m going to try to recall some history. Since I have such a great memory (if you know me, you know what I’m talking about), this should be an interesting endeavor.

The US Open was in held in Las Vegas this April 8-11. It was a fairly good tournament with good competition (as it usually is). Unfortunately for me I didn’t win (haven’t before, so what else is new!), but I did take 2nd (for the second year in a row). Why didn’t I win, you ask? Because it wasn’t my time. As I’ve told many people who have asked me, there are many factors that go into a winning performance. From one certain training session a month before a tournament to what you have for breakfast to what song is playing on your iPod as you arrive to how good your warm up is just before you step on the mat. Sometimes these make a big difference and sometimes they don’t. Hindsight being 20/20 I could point out a dozen or so reasons why I wasn’t the last man to have his hand raised but in reality, it doesn’t matter. Why you ask? Because everyone loves a winner, period. You can have all the excuses in the world and no one will truly care, they only want to know weather or not you won. It’s just life.

Moving right along.

It’s always nice to be back in Las Vegas for that tournament. Many people go there because of the casinos, but because I don’t really enjoy gambling, they’re not a draw for me. I enjoy the area because of things like the Hoover Dam (there’s something to be said about a dam that was started in 1931 and is still curing today… look it up if you don’t believe me) , the nice climate (great to visit, not to live), and the plethora of buffets (what can I say, I’m not small and I really like food).

As with all tournaments, I enjoy going to compete and seeing different places, but mostly I have fun at them because I get to see my parents. From the start they’ve been my inspiration to do great things (do… or do not, there is no try – Yoda).



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