It’s Feb 24th and I’ve just returned from my trip to Bulgaria and Serbia. For the first time this season, I’ve come back from a tournament without hardware (a medal). Its never any fun to come back ’empty handed’. I put that in quotes because it’s only partially true. I brought back experience of new rules and different opponents. Also, with traveling the world, meeting new people, and experiencing new things, I can never really say I came back ’empty handed’, only that I return without hardware.

This post was started three weeks ago (as stated above). It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about; it’s that I’ve been so busy since I returned. It’s interesting what missing the first 5 weeks of a semester and over a month of work will do to you.

As I finish this post it’s March 17th. We’re a little under a month out from Nationals and everything is progressing as it should. Still busy as ever but at least I have some breathing room. There are many great things in the works for me at the moment. So many things, in fact, that it will take more time than I currently have available to mention all of them. Suffice to say for now that things are going well for me.

A friend of mine from France (Soufian Elgarne) has been kind enough to post one of my matches (two different clips) on YouTube. I have a plug-in that allows me to play it on my site, but I don’t have the time to configure it at the moment so I’ll put the link to them in this post so anyone who is interested can take a look:

Well, that’s it for now (due to an extreme lack of time… didn’t I just say that I have some breathing room?). Hopefully I’ll soon be able to add a few photos, quotes, and other misc random nonsense that makes this site what it is.



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